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Broken Bayonet Photos 2

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (3)

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (1)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (2)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (3)
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St. John Forsaken warband (xxx pts) - Yassine

St. John is one of the Forsaken commanders in Dark Age. He differs from St. Mark in that his focus is more towards close combat rather than ranged. The St. John faction has as many options as the other Forsaken (Human) armies with a few differences. Yassine's warband is based on the St. John Warband Set from Dark Age with a couple of extra blisters for added variety.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

St. John is a big human (think of American Football Lineman with the height of an NBA player). His close combat ability is frightening, especially when you look at the damage potential of his Power Maul. His Power Shield is also a very nice piece of equipment to have since it can be powered up to give extra armour saves when needed.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Here is St. John with a couple of Yassine's Bane troops. Banes are the main troop choice for the Forsaken and are fairly cheap points-wise. That doesn't make them cannon-fodder however......... (read: Pud-fodder), their Morning Sticks pack a punch and have the ability to Knock the enemy Prone.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

The lovely Firestorm. A lady with a hot body and fiery temper to match.......... Equipped with a Flamethrower, she can overpower even the toughest troops, since even the mighty Brood cannot Regenerate wounds inflicted by this weapon.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Strikes........ the Forsaken's assault troops. Very good in close combat, and if allowed to charge into base contact with an enemy they get extra bonues for their attacks. Their weapons are also hard to protect against, making these a very suitable choice when up against the brutes of the Dragyri and Brood armies.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games