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Broken Bayonet Photos 2

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (1)

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (1)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (2)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (3)
Sci-Fi Terrain Board
Photo Page 5
Photo Page 6

Brood army (299 pts) - Shinobi

In the Dark Age game, the Brood are a very hard force to beat up close. They have some very deadly elements to the army, as well as some 'interesting' special rules and Bio-Gen powers. Their ability to Regenerate wounds is also very desirable....... he he.
The Demo force below has been designed to include both close combat and ranged elements. The models are very expensive in terms of points and this small force makes up 299 pts and consists of only 5 main models.

Miniatures (c) Dark Age Games

The photo above shows the initial Demo army. The smaller models at the front are 'Puds' and are thrown across the battlefield. Ignore the models at the back of the photo, they are some of my many WIP projects (Essex 15mm New Kingdom Egyptians for DBA, and a Hasslefree model)!!

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

This is the Murtros, one of the main commanders of the Brood army. The model is large (60mm+), and will really dominate the playing board. With his Command ability and long Reach weapon, he really is a pain for the opposition.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Sawblades are the shock troops of the Brood. With a high close combat statistic, shield, high damage potential and the Brood Regeneration at their disposal, they can really cause some damage to the weakling humans.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Pud Throwers. You gotta love them!! These troops throw the extremely dangerous Puds (see below) across the battlefield and hopefully into the face of their enemies. Even if they miss, the Puds can zip across the battlefield in the following turn to bite the ankles of anyone in range.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Here are the famous Puds. Small, bad-tempered balls of energy that require a special skill to control. Not good at surviving attacks, but if they can attack first....... the opponent better count his toes afterwards. Apparently Puds taste like chicken, but I would rather not test that theory.
"Unleash your Pud"

The army will grow as more figures are painted up. I currently have 4 Ratchets, 1 Gazelle and 1 Grist to add later (no doubt will buy more in the future).