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Broken Bayonet Photos 2

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (2)

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (1)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (2)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (3)
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St. Mark Forsaken warband (308 pts) - John

The Forsaken are the basic Human army in Dark Age. Currently there are three factions that you can have, with more on the way. Forsaken have arguably the most diverse and adaptable army in the game with good close combat troops and deadly ranged troops available.
Johns warband comprises of the St. Mark Warband Set available from Dark Age Games, and includes a Special Edition of St. Mark, a Reaver, and 4 Coils. It is a warband designed around ranged combat, and a fairly powerful one at that.

Miniatures (c) Dark Age Games

St. Mark's warband. John still has to finish the bases.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

St. Mark is one of the Forsaken commanders. With his "God's Light Plasma Rifle", he can take out enemies very easily at very long range. He is expensive though at 100 pts, and losing him can cause your whole army to collapse on the battlefield.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

The Reaver is an expert at stealth and can Infiltrate onto the battlefield, surprising your enemies. Her Poisoned Daggers are to be avoided at all costs.

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Above and below, you can see pictures of John's Coil models. These are one of the most deadly basic troops in the Dark Age game with their "Death Disks" able to hurt anything. Used in a unit, they can spell death for anyone in range and LOS.................. *shudder*

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games

Miniature (c) Dark Age Games