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Sci-Fi Terrain Board

Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (1)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (2)
Dark Age Armies of the BB Outcasts (3)
Sci-Fi Terrain Board
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This is a modular board for playing Sci-Fi games such as Dark Age, WH40K, Space Hulk etc.

The dimensions of the board = 3' x 3', and is primarily meant for demonstration games of Dark Age. All floor tiles and terrain pieces have been constructed from cast elements using Hirst Arts moulds.
The base colours used are a light silver drybrush over a black base colour.
The floor tiles have been constructed in 4" x 4" sections that can be arranged into any pattern the players wish, with the terrain pieces also seperate, allowing for infinite possibilities for the board design.

Please note that this is still a WIP, with more floor sections and terrain pieces (especially wall sections) being constructed and painted. More photos will follow...

Sci-Fi Terrain board
3' x 3' of moulded plaster goodness!!

One of the entryways to the board
Dark Age Forsaken enter the arena!

Corner wall terrain piece
Dark Age Brood use the corner wall as cover (wall to be painted soon).

View from the Forsaken perspective...
Look at all those Puds.......... run away!!!

First game using the new terrain...
Brood deployment, making good use of cover.

Close up of a possible board layout
The piping terrain was made from the Station Builder mould.

Alternate floor tiles
We have done a few floor sections in Cobblestone to add variety to the floor design.

The other entryway to the board
The Brood enter the arena and disperse for combat.

Lower viewpoint
The wall sections (unpainted at the moment) are about 3" high.

First game using new terrain...
Forsaken deployment, awaiting the "Unleashing of Puds!"